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5 Tips How to make a key-art visual

​The last couple of years we made a lot of key-art visuals for TV shows, boxing events, movies and documentaries. Here we will cover 5 important criteria that are necessary for a good key-art visual.

A key-art is made for nearly every movie and TV show, and is a standard part of the package of ​promotional material. ​For this example we use the key-art we made for the​ first influencer boxing event in the Netherlands. A boxing match was held between two major Dutch influencers, Nesim Najih and Anouar Vines.

How to make a key-art visual tip #1

Grab attention

The first and probably most important aspect of a key-art visual is to grab the viewers attention. When done right it sparks emotion and the viewer can feel in a split second what mood of the show will be.

Make sure the concept of the image fits the mood of the show and intention of you message. In this case the flames, facial expression and the placement of the characters clearly shows the rivalry and excitement of this event.

How to make a key-art visual tip #2

Clear message

After you grabbed the views attention with a striking image, the message should be the first thing that come forward. In this case the pose of the characters send the messages that it going to be a boxing match. The additional information in centred and designed to be easy readable.

Studio Zakmes Nesim Nesim Najih Influencer Boxing

How to make a key-art visual tip #3

Less is more

A big mistake when it comes to making a key-art is combining to much elements. You don't have to display all of the elements and details of the show. The image can get cluttered and the messages will lose it strength. Make sure you focus one 1 or 2 aspects and make them a cohesive a possible. As mentioned in tip 1, capturing the right mood is more important than show every detail of the show.

Studio Zakmes Nesim Nesim Najih Influencer Boxing

How to make a key-art visual tip #4

Scalability is key

A key-art visual appears on a ton of different media, so scalability is very important. It has to perform well on a poster, youtube banner, instagram story and Netflix thumbnail.

Make sure that your visual remains legible on big and small surfaces, and that it can be cropped horizontal and vertical. Sometimes you will have to arranges some of the elements to make sure the balans of the image remains strong.

Studio Zakmes Nesim Nesim Najih Influencer BoxingStudio Zakmes Nesim Nesim Najih Influencer Boxing

How to make a key-art visual tip #5


In order to get as must exposure as possible we often make a 'talent art' as well. This means that we translate the key-art visual in a separate image focussed on one character of the show. In this case that is Nesim Najih. With this image he can created an extra hype on his social media account and let his fans share their preferred winner!

Studio Zakmes Nesim Nesim Najih Influencer Boxing
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