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Escape Room Photography
Marketing Photography

Dark Park | Escape Room Photography

Photoshoot for the award winning escape rooms made by Dark Park. We did a big photoshoot of all their new and updated escape rooms. All the series are shot for marketing purposes and contain models, prop photography, room photography and atmospheric images.

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The End

The End is a combination of escape room and immersive theater with an emphasis on the experience. Worldwide, The End is regarded by experts as one of the best escape rooms in the world. It is not without reason that this Adventure Quest is the most awarded escape room in the Netherlands!

The Freak Show

The Freakshow is a chilling yet magical adventure that takes you to the old circus of the last century. Escape the circus tent where the freaks have locked you and explore the circus grounds. Bring the old fairground games to life, brave the mermaid's pool and discover who lived in that old trailer.

The Dentist

Search through the patient files, examine the dental chair, look for dentist tools to solve tricky puzzles, but above all, make sure you escape the room in time, otherwise ...

As you try to escape, a gruesome story unravels. Who is this man who calls himself The Dentist? What happened in this practice room? Why are there leather straps on the dental chair and what is hidden in that freezer?

The Honeymoon Hotel

If you listen carefully, it sometimes seems as if you are being contacted from the spirit world, as if there is someone who wants to help you, wants to show you something. With every step you take you come closer to the inevitable denouement. Little by little, a blood-curdling story unravels, but are you on a rescue mission, or are you the one who needs to be saved?

The Orphanage

The Orphanage is a blood-curdling adventure set in the old girls' orphanage that has always been in this building. But have the souls of the orphan girls left? Or have they always lingered in the building, waiting for someone to come and play with them?

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