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Prison Escape

Real Life Gaming B.V.

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Instead of watching a movie, we invite you to step right in the middle of it.

Prison Escape is an epic interactive real life game that gives you and 400 other visitors the feeling you’ve entered your own prison film. You dictate the story by making crucial decisions that affect the course of the game. You only have one goal: escape!

Studio Zakmes Escape Room photography


We met Rik Stapelbroek at the third year of our Graphic Design study at HKU. After discovering that he could hire an entire prison (Noord Singel Gevangenis Rotterdam) he asked us the help with the concept, promotion and visual aspect. Dreaming of the largest escape experience in the world. Where interactive theater play gives you the freedom of being the leading role in your own movie. After the first location scouting we got hooked and joined the team.


Making pictures during the first test scenes, gameplay and actor created our first content package. Wanting to market this experience without spoiling the climactic moments we incorporated a mugshot booth during the entry of the jail complex. This photo functions as the main marketing tool. By combining the action and location of the experience we fabricated the name “Prison Escape” and started design the visual identity. We constructed a kickstarter project and after getting 150% funded we where off.


Now Prison Escape is running for 5 years; locking up over a hundred thousand visitors in multiple jails over the Netherlands. Where 100% of the visitors like our Facebook platform making Prison Escape one of the biggest players in the scene. Currently we’ve got prison experiences operating simultaneously, producing two different translations of their universes in the marketing images. With a cold colour-grading for the Koepel gevangenis Breda and a vintage feeling for the Kruisberg gevangenis in Doetinchem.


Studio Zakmes has been involved from the very beginning when our production was still a very abstract idea until the moment that the production was in full swing. When overseeing a major project such as the Prison Escape, it is very pleasant to work with professionals such as Patrick & Sander. Studio Zakmes is well able to make a good contribution to the project in a dynamic and constantly changing context. But also outside of that, with marketing issues and organizational issues, they actively think along.

Proactive and full of confidence and also with an ambitious eye for details when it comes to design. I am very satisfied with their contribution to the Prison Escape and the result (logo, website, letterhead, business cards) shows his quality.

Studio Zakmes Escape Room photographyStudio Zakmes Escape Room photographyStudio Zakmes Escape Room photography
Studio Zakmes Escape Room photographyStudio Zakmes Escape Room photographyStudio Zakmes Escape Room photography

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