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Reddr App

Reddr Inc.

Brand Identity
App Design
Web Design
Animation video

Reddr is a smartphone application that provides a free and easy to use emergency call. Add buddy’s which will be alarmed when you are in an emergency situation.

Together we build an independent public security platform so everyone can contribute to a secure society. We provided Reddr with a visual identity, app design and animation video including an own 3D rendered phone. Whose hero will you be?

Studio Zakmes Reddr website design


Matthias Alberts, former security developer at Thales Group, wanted to create a safety app of the future. With 90% of the Dutch inhabitants owning a smartphone the technological possibilities, like GPS-tracking and recording, most be incorporated in the current process of making an emergency alert better.


Making this dream reality we needed this idea to come alive by creating visuals of this initiative to get lots of partnerships. An infographic animation would be an efficient to spread the word. We started with the user-experience and interface by deciding the placement of the buttons with the reach over your fingers over the screen. Emergency buttons at the bottom and functionalities like settings and adding friends at the top.


This resulted in a smooth and welcoming logo identity, including a smooth yet activating red without making the app too shocking and heavy. Supporting animations and icons will guide you through, without accidentally activating the emergency call. Supporting with a website and explanatory animation video this startup project is ready to make an impact and gather interesting partnerships on the route to realisation.


The work that studio Studio Zakmes has delivered is of such a professional level that it has set a new bar for us as a development team. At a very early stage of the start-up, Studio Zakmes created exactly what Reddr asked for. The concept is timeless and built on foundations from society that everyone can identify with.

The basis for this success stems from a mountain of talent combined with personal characteristics that are very nice to work with and that fit well with the Reddr concept.

Studio Zakmes Reddr App designStudio Zakmes Reddr App design

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