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Rootz.Plus — Vdplant

Brand Identity
Packaging Design

Rootz.Plus is a company that provides schools and offices with the best air-purifying / aircleaning plants.

By adding plants to your work environment you boost concentration, productivity and creativity. packaging


Karin van der Eijk, owner of Intenz and a huge grower greenhouse in Aalsmeer saw the power of the Clusia Princess plant. Tested by Nasa to be the most efficient air cleaner. This plant transforms multiple different ‘stoffen’ into oxygen and by this would improve productivity and creativity in business or educational spaces. To bring this idea to reality she asked us to design a modern and clean packaging for this living object.


Packaging a product that is alive can be a challenge with the given specifications of keeping it alive, place to grow, breath and have enough water (without spilling). We had a blast this process making lots and lots of different boxes with all the glass bottle options. We created three different concept directions; Minimal/modern, recycled and personalized packages. We printed and made all the prototypes while presenting our visuals at Intenz to add a look and feel to designs.


The team was most fond of the minimal packaging with the ‘flying’ air purifying plant. In the realization phase we did a lot of testing with waterproof cardboard and oxygen openings. We also designed other packages for Rootz.Plus to enlarge their product range. Sketched an application and photographed all their products for the coming webshop and social content. Now this product is for sale in beautiful venues like Corpus Nederland.


Coming soon. packaging packaging packaging website packaging

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