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The Army Project

Real Life Gaming B.V.

Key-art design
Marketing Campaigns
Social Media Design
Brand Identity
Logo Design

In the real life game The Army Project, a world has been created in which you can undergo training as a soldier and will be tested physically and mentally to the cutting edge.

At our fantastic location in Overijssel you will be pushed to the limit by trained actors and actresses who will immerse you in an in-depth and exciting story in which your intelligence, fitness and cooperation skills will make the difference between life and death.

Studio Zakmes Escape room fotografie


Real Life Gaming is a company that fuses interactive theaterplay with gaming. Giving the player the feeling they are the leading role in their own movie. With new form of entertainment, they asked us to brand their new army themed experience. Creating a case-file document full of visuals and dreams to get partnerships and locations owners enthusiastic.


We created a graphic toolkit, with patterns, illustrations, stencil fonts and logo designs to create a consistent visual language. All evolving around the main campaign key-art image. A key-art is a modulair photo where the elements, in our case actors, are be multi deployable into website visuals, social media posts, barters etc. We went to an army dump to style all our models to create a credible and realistic look.


Making illustrative visuals explaining all the USP’s of this bucket list experience, with graphics of teamwork quotes and a broad package of different variants of the key-art images give Real Life Gaming a lot of content to market their new concept with. Shaping the key-art into an interactive homepage simulates online game interfaces and gives us the opportunity to play between fiction and nonfiction.


Sander & Patrick are outright awesome! If I try to describe them in words then it is; reliable, loyal, professional, enthusiastic, creative and honest. In our cooperation we have short lines of communication and we speak a lot with each other. The ideas fly over the table which always results in a sublime concept by Studio Zakmes!

For The Army Project, a new experience in the Netherlands, we were looking for a visual identity. Sander and Patrick helped with this and thought it out from A to Z. It is also cool that the creative spirit always keeps on turning, you can certainly expect a call on the weekend or Whatsapp in the evening with cool plans!

I think this reflects how committed both gentlemen are. The visual identity of The Army Project reflects exactly what we had thought up in advance. Studio Zakmes has put this down in a relatively short time and I am very pleased with the result.

Studio Zakmes Escape room fotografieStudio Zakmes Escape room fotografie

Part 02

Website design
Social media design

Studio Zakmes Escape room fotografieStudio Zakmes Escape room fotografieStudio Zakmes Escape room fotografie
Studio Zakmes Escape room fotografie
Studio Zakmes Escape room fotografie

Part 03

City campaign
Abri's and billboards.

Studio Zakmes Escape Room photographyStudio Zakmes Escape Room photographyStudio Zakmes Escape Room photographyStudio Zakmes Escape Room photography

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