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Studio Zakmes

We create brand identities and marketing campaigns by fusing design and photography.

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Studio Zakmes
Design Agency

What and how

We help you connect with your target audience through strong photography and clean graphic design with focus on the user experience.

A brand is more than a logo. We help you to build a comprehensive visual identity that translates easily to all platforms and is scalable for your biggest dreams. Challenge us with your cool concept or let us propose our creative ideas to you!

Studio Zakmes about photo

Having one foot in the artistic world and a gravitation towards the commercial world provides the perfect balance.

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Clients & brands

A selection of the companies and brands we enjoyed working with over the past few years.

Working on different projects over the last five years has vastly expanded our network of contacts in diverse professions. In our philosophy, the way to create the best design is to build a team of people that all outshine/excel in their specialty.


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Movie poster for the award winning documentary 'Wognum'.

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5 tips for photographing lifestyle watches

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Skincare brochure photography kit

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